Thursday, April 11, 2013

My Cub Scout

Cub Scouts is pretty high up on my "Thankful List" this year. This is Nate's first year in scouts and so far it has been a fantastic experience for him. He's gone camping, gone on a hayride, earned his first badge

There are many more pictures, tucked safely away on my camera (as I mentioned in yesterday's post - I have issues.)  He made a car for the pinewood derby, went camping at the Philadelphia Zoo, is going to the's been a very cool experience for him.  Nate isn't really into large crowds, so the pack meetings have been a little bit challenging for him.  But those challenges are off-set by his Tiger Den meetings, which is a smaller group of just first grade boys.
Just one more reason to be thankful:)


Anonymous said...

Nate is getting soooo grown up! So glad he is enjoying Cub Scouts.


Anonymous said...

Love that boy! And he is growing up way too fast!!