Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dorney Park

Yes, I feel badly that this is not a great picture of Abby, but it's the only shot I got of all five of them together all day.  Dorney Park is actually a pretty big part of our summer.  Last year and this year, thanks to Gramma and Papa Wise, we've had season passes and have gone to the park several times a month.  I never bring my big camera because it's too bulky to take on rides...plus I'm always scared that something is going to happen to it.  But this year for my birthday, Rob and the kids got me a smaller camera that is also fully waterproof and submergeable!  It's been awesome!  I highly recommend it!  I've used it at the beach, at the amusement park, in sand, under water (wait til you see!) and it's been fantastic.  So....our first pictures of our trips to Dorney!

 Abby and Nate and I usually hang out together, while Rob and the bigger girls take in the roller coasters.  There's plenty of rides for all age levels, so this is the perfect summer activity for our family with our large span of ages!

 Ask the kids on two different days if they prefer the "dry" park or the water park and you'll get two different answers.  We can't decide.  Some days we love the roller coasters and some days it's all about the water rides!

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