Friday, August 31, 2012

The First Day

There are more pictures to follow, but this is the only one that I took with my phone-and I am currently blogging from my phone. Love being able to do that!

They all had a great first day! Sophie and Charis don't start until next week, but these three sweeties had a good beginning. Nothing dramatic. Nothing overwhelmingly exciting. Just generally good. Calm. Not negative. I'll take it.

The biggest hit was that, even though she's only in 3rd grade, Abby gets to use a BINDER this year for some of her subjects. This is very exciting because (in case you were somehow unaware) binders are typically reserved for 6th grade. And even more importantly, Emma didn't get to use binders until 6th grade. This is a big deal folks!!

It was so fun to hear their stories, to hear all 3 of them comparing their experiences to last year, to feel the complete relief that none of them were too nervous, and to settle back into a routine again.

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Anonymous said...

They are growing up too fast! Great looking bunch, as always.