Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Getaway - the Outer Banks adventure Part 1

Last week we took a much needed and much anticipated family vacation to the Outer Banks in NC.  The weather could not have been more perfect!  The house we rented was only available by driving directly on the beach in a four-wheel drive vehicle.  Thank goodness for "Big Billy" our faithful Suburban.  

Our good friends the Pfadt's came with us......there were 13 of us in the house....plenty of kids to play with....and plenty of ways to entertain ourselves.  The house itself was fabulous, with a pool and a hot tub.  But the kids spent the bulk of their time in the ocean.  The water was still warm from the summer heat and we quickly discovered that it was warmer than the pool water.

Driving on the beach - Rob and Hans took Charis and Hannah into town to rent some surfboards!

 Nate mastered the art of boogie-boarding
 Sophie was already a master at boogie-boarding so she worked on her surfing skills instead.  More on that later.
 Abby was cold, but determined.  She is a true competitor in all things - and conquered the skill of boogie-boarding in spite of the fact that she was freezing.  Thank goodness for the hot tub!  Abby was always the first one off the beach and into the hot tub to warm up!

 Skim boarding is another matter entirely.  It's not as easy as it looks.  Charis really worked at it with Dad this week!
 Nate grabbed a quick ride in the waves with Uncle Hans.

 Abby and Hope

 Charis and Hannah

 Nate grabbing a quick ride on Emma
 The dynamic duo - Abby & Hope - I think they spent more time upside down than right-side up this week!

Stay tuned...there's more to come!


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun. I'm glad you got to get away and relax.
Grandmom (Mom)

Anonymous said...

So glad you were able to get away and have fun..and does it look like tons of fun!!


Judy said...

I'm sure your kids were thrilled to have a week off from school! Looks like a great and much needed family time!