Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Outer Banks Adventure - Part II


There were lots of boards this week - surf boards, skim boards, boogie boards.

Here's a taste of the adventures....

 Emma getting some surfing lessons from Rob.  Yes, Rob does know how to surf.  Hidden talent.

 Rob giving lessons to Sophie.
We had given Sophie surfing lessons for her birthday back in June, so she
had a bit of a leg up on everyone else.

 Charis hung in there with the best of them!  Early in the week she was standing up on the board

 Surf boards are still a little too big to handle for Abby, so she worked on her skim-boarding skills.  Having a low center of gravity is handy sometimes!

 Hans and Charis getting ready to work on their skills
 Heidi and Hans getting ready for the next wave


Anonymous said...

Great experience for everybody, but I didn't see any pictures of mom on the surf board.

Judy said...

What a great experience for all the kids! So fun! They all look like they actually know what they're doing.