Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Outer Banks Adventure - Part III


The area where we stayed was pretty remote.  There were wild horses roaming around, dolphins almost within our reach, pelicans, fish, crabs and even a starfish!

 The wild horses are nothing to be trifled with.  They are aptly named.
The first day we were there, one horse turned and snorted at the kids and started trotting towards them in 
a rather aggressive manner.  It was a good lesson to learn early on - KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.  And we did.  The horses roamed around our house at night, and we stayed on the porches
and behind the fences to look at them.

 Rob' fish....
...and Sophie's fish

At first the fins in the water worried the kids a little bit.  I think we've watched
one too many episodes of Shark Week on Discovery.  But after we actually
saw the dolphins jumping through the waves, the kids went back in the water, with the dolphins,
without hesitation.

 Nate's starfish was truly one of the highlights of the week for him.
He found it by himself in the sand.  It's the only starfish we saw all week!  He got to see is crawl/wiggle around on it's little tentacles and he walked around carrying it for the longest time.
Yes, we ultimately did kill the starfish by laying it out to dry so that Nate could bring it home.  He'll be taking 
it into school to show his class tomorrow.


Judy said...

Alright lady...when you upload your pictures in the part where you're writing your post... click on the picture and enlarge it to at least large or extra large. I want to see all the details better!!

Judy said...

Love the starfish Nate!!! So cool.

Anonymous said...

What an adventurous vacation! Next time, I'm hiding in your suitcase!


Anonymous said...

Your pictures of the pelicans, dolphins and beach time remind me so much of our trips to Florida. What priceless memories your children will have. I am thrilled that Nate found a complete starfish. Most of the time you just find pieces. What a treasure!