Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Am Grateful ... for Abby

Abby is my spunky, sparkly girl.  And I don't just mean her clothes.
There is a sparkle deep inside Abby....a light, a delight, a joy that runs in her heart and soul.  Sometimes she keeps it under wraps, hiding under her frustration with reading or her frustration with having a little brother....but it slips the big and little moments of her life.  There is a zest and a passion in her that I hope and pray she never loses.

Abby sees the world a little differently than a lot of children her age....she sees the details, the things that other people miss.  She sees the hurt hiding in people's faces.  She sees (or feels) people's emotions very clearly.  She sees the amazing creativity of God in the minutia and the grandeur of creation.  She will sketch or draw something that she has seen recently, and the drawing will focus on a detail or a piece that I didn't even see at all.  Probably because of how clearly and distinctly she sees the world, she also has very vivid and detailed dreams, which can be both good and bad.  I think she dreams in color.

I am grateful that Abby is competitive but is also a team player
I am grateful for her amazing creativity
I am grateful that Abby is amazing at math
I am so grateful for her unique view of the world
I am grateful for Abby's sense of justice
I am grateful for her contagious laugh
I am grateful for her energy (I'll admit, I wasn't so grateful when she was a two year old, but as an eight year old, it's now a gift and I am thankful)
I am grateful that she is a fighter (I know that sounds negative, but this is a
strength that can serve her well in life if she uses it the right way)
I am grateful for Abby's ability to make friends wherever she goes
I am grateful that she is fearless about joining a group even when she doesn't know anyone
I am grateful for her willingness to be a tryer!
I am grateful that she loves vegetables!!  Amen!
I am grateful for her sense of humor
I am grateful that she is my daughter


Anonymous said...

Abbey is a so that girl!! You are truly a blessed mama!!


Anonymous said...

You know your daughters well. You are right on with Abby. She is so sensitive to me when I am around her and I love the way she just leans in to be touched and hugged. Her art ability is amazing. What a blessing!