Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Am Thankful....for Nathan

This boy is the light of my life.  Just look at that grin!
He has grown so much this year...not just his height and his crazy shoe size which is bigger than Abby's.
He has grown in his interactions with adults, teachers and Sunday School teachers.
He's developing friendships at both his schools.  He makes friends out of strangers on the playground all the time.  He can ride a bike, roller-blade (really well!), whistle, snap his fingers (a new, endearing hobby, let me just tell you), swim, count into the 80's before he gets tired of it and just quits, spell three letter words, cook pop tarts and he can collect and take out the trash and the recycling (and he does it without complaining!).  He has such a "servant's heart" and loves to take care of everyone.  Nate is one of the most loving children that I have ever known.

Nate was the little boy hiding behind my leg with a binkie in his mouth...and it feels like that was just a month ago.  In reality, he has been growing and changing and growing-up right before my eyes. He is only half an inch shorter than Abby now, which causes her no end of consternation.  He loves to tinker with things....Nate has never been into trains or action figures or transformers....he likes them, but he would rather take a random group of small objects and put them together and take them apart.  I don't really have an explanation for this, but he loves to tinker.

I am so grateful that God gave me a boy.
I am  thankful that Nathan has a grateful heart.
I am thankful that Nate is making friends.
I am thankful that he is learning to read and write and color and count.
I am thankful that he is learning to persevere.
I am so thankful for Nate's love for all his sisters.
I am thankful that he still likes to hang out with me.
I am thankful for Nate's enthusiasm for life.
I am thankful that he can zip his own coat and tie his shoes.
I am thankful that his sister's have a defender.
I am thankful for the balance he brings to our lives.
And I am so thankful that he is my son.


Anonymous said...

He is the cutest kid ever!!! Love that grin :) It's neat to see him gain confidence and learn new things.


Anonymous said...

Nate is such a precious boy. I love the way he takes care of me when I come to visit. He is right there to greet me warmly and help carry my suitcase. He still likes to "hang out" with me and I treasure that. He is a special gift from God and I'm thankful for him too.