Friday, December 16, 2011

Family and Friends

We had such a great time on Thanksgiving weekend.  Our friends Hans and Jodi, and their four children, stayed for the weekend.  When my three kiddos came back to my house, after celebrating Thanksgiving with Daddy and Nikki, there were even more adventures to be had.

Sophie, Heidi, Hans and Emma took a few bike rides through the neighborhood and fed some very grateful obese ducks.  Jodi and I braved the crowds and took Charis and Hannah shopping at midnight on Black Friday!  This is tradition for me and Charis, but Jodi and Hannah had never lived through enjoyed this experience before.  And it is truly an experience.  We always stop and get coffee for me and a Monster for Charis....Hannah chose the hot chocolate route and Jodi went straight for full caffeine soda!  And then it was off to Walmart, Target and Kohls.  By 4 am, Jodi and I were done.  I'm not as tough as I used to be.  By the time we arrived home, Papa and Grandma had arrived (around 1am) to stay with us for the rest of the weekend.  So at 7am, Grandma took the second shift and took Charis and Hannah out for some more shopping at Five Below!  Those girls have stamina like only 14 year olds can!  I wish that kind of energy could be channeled somehow!

Emma, Heidi and Soph....biking buddies

Hannah and buddies

Grandma, Charis and!

We loved sharing time with all of you and building memories together!  This was such a treat!

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Anonymous said...

So many memories were created in your family that weekend! I have never been shopping on Black Friday...imagine that!

Love that Patriots hat Sophie!