Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Thanksgiving Turkey Fry

I never showed off our Thanksgiving festivities....beware....some of these pictures are rather graphic and are not intended for viewers with a sensitive stomach.

I'm not a fan of raw poultry.


I do what needs to be done to prepare it for cooking, of course, but sticking my hands inside a raw, dead bird is not high on my list of favorite activities.

On the other hand, not only does Rob have a stomach of steel, he also has a great sense of humor.

Picture this:  a room full of children innocently watching TV.... and in flaps a dead, skinless, headless bird, whirling through the room within inches of them at lightning speed.....their screams could probably be heard in Massachusetts....and so could Rob's laugh!

So after performing a few tricks, we got this bird ready to go in the fryer!

The fryer was a new experiment for us.  Neither of us have ever fried a turkey before....but we have heard great things.  And of course, there's nothing like the adventure of experimenting with food when you've invited friends to your house for Thanksgiving!!  (I had a huge ham in the crockpot as the back up plan, FYI)

Fortunately, our friends Hans and Jodi and their four kiddos are always up for an adventure.  And, God bless them, they don't even look at us strangely when we propose these off-the-wall ideas.

Let the frying begin!

Oh my was fabulous!  This was a fifteen pound turkey and it cooked completely in 45 minutes.  My oven was free to bake other things the entire time.  And to top it tasted amazing!  This was the best turkey I've ever eaten, hands down.  Crispy outside, moist and juicy was perfect.

I'm sold.

This is our Thanksgiving tradition from now on.  We may even do this for Christmas!

Rob, Hans, Jodi, little Hans, Heidi, Charis, Sophie, Heidi and Hope.  And of course, I'm behind the camera.


Anonymous said...

I'm with you on the dead bird thing! Blech! I would love to try fried turkey, hopefully next year. I'm kind of chicken (no pun intended) to try frying it myself though.

It look like you guys had a great time.
Anna :-)

Millicent said...

I love, love, love fried turkey! You guys should try fried ribs in the summertime! SOOOOO good!!!!

Judy said...

Christian loves that first picture of Rob with the turkey!